Would you like to move regularly, but you do not know where to start? Would you like to have directions about which exercises fit you and your body? Do you need continuous feedback, attention and encouraging words? Have you been engaged in workout for a long time, but you have not reached the desired results? If you have your definite aim, you can achieve it with our personal trainers and the necessary determination. The result is healthy body and balanced soul.

Our trainers develop the most effective training plan for you after a personal consultation taking into consideration your physical condition, rhythm of life and schedule.

Get to know our personal trainers, who work for your physical transformation together with you!


“I have been going to Bliss& Body to have personal training with Edit Kardon. Workouts are very diverse: besides machines, TRX, fit-ball, elastic band, kettlebell, callisthenics enrich trainings. I think it is very important that Edit pays so much attention that I carry out exercises with maximum accuracy, on the one hand for effectiveness, on the other hand, to prevent injuries.” The gym is very familial and the staff is very nice.”


“Edit is very nice and helpful. We can turn to her with any questions or request with confidence. She puts a great emphasis on the accurate and standard implementation of exercises, which I think is very important to prevent injuries and achieve the right result.”



Personal Trainer    |    BodyART Trainer    |    Pilates Trainer

TRX Trainer     |    TRX Rehabilitation Trainer    |    Strike Zone Class Trainer

Body-Balls Trainer    |    EMS Trainer    |    Gymstick Muscle Trainer

Life Coach     |    Wellness Trainer    |    Aerobic Trainer

Step Trainer    |    Spine Therapy Trainer    |    XCO Trainer    |    Flexi-bar Trainer

Zsigmond Király University- Andragogy BA, MA


I danced competitively for many years. In addition to dancing, I started doing aerobics as a high school student. This exercise took me so much that first it became my hobby, then I chose it as my profession. I have been trying to expand my knowledge in the field of fitness, so I regularly take part in training courses to offer new things for my guests. With nearly 6 years experience as a trainer behind me I help my guests to provide physical and mental fitness. Good spirits is important for me and loving what you do. The greatest pleasure is when my guests achieve their desired aim.


If you have any questions or you would like to make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact Edit!

Mobile phone

+36 30 437 7593

E-mail address


Weekdays: 06:30-22:00

Weekends and holidays: 08:00-20:00




1066 Budapest, Ó street 43-49.




+36 1 269 0668







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