Day opening or a relaxing swim? Would you like to splash after training or an exhausting day? Whatever you like, the pool in the wellness section provides a perfect refreshment for you, its temperature is 26-28 °C, 1,5 meter deep, its size is 9 m x 17 m. If you feel that you are not confident enough in water, apply for our private swimming lessons!

There are several possibilities for relaxing and recreating in the wellness section. One option is the jacuzzi, where you can combine the joys of hydromassage and bathing. You can relax after an exhausting day or at the end of a hard training, as the sparkling water improves blood circulation, joints and muscles will be relieved. The temperature of the water is 30°C.

Get refreshed mentally and physically in the 80-90 °C sauna, whether it is a fatigue after training, daily stress or complementing bathing. The hot and dry air has a beneficial effect to your body, as during sweating toxins and waste products are removed through your skin. It can kill bacteria and viruses thus prevents illnesses and improves blood circulation and tightens the skin. The recommended length of stay is 6-8 minutes, after which cold shower is recommended in order to have your body temperature normalized.
If you like steam instead of dry air, then you can relax in the 50-55°C steam cabin as well, where the humidity is about 50-60%. Like in the sauna, sweating is guaranteed here as well and the positive health effects because with the help of it you can prevent several respiratory diseases. It soothes the skin, helps to remove dead skin cells with gentle rubbing. The recommended length of stay is 10-15 minutes, after which cold shower is recommended.

It pampers, refreshes, relaxes muscles and relieves stress. After massage you can start everyday bustle as a new person. Find the most suitable for you – Swedish, relaxing, refreshing, sport, part and foot massage – and let our masseurs pamper your body during 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact our receptionist colleagues in person or on the following phone number: +36 1 269 0668.


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