A good venue is essential to organize a successful event, a shooting or organizing smaller conferences. If you do not have a fixed place as a trainer, you can rent the room even for group classes. It is a 120-square meter contiguous modern, air conditioned room, which is covered equally with parquet and carpet. The room is lit by natural light, wall-to-wall mirrors on one side. The advantage of the private room is that it can easily be reached by public transport – Oktogon is only within a 3 minute walk – if you arrive by car, you can park next to the room in a guarded, covered underground garage.

As each event is unique, we would like to ask you to inquire via the following e-mail address about the possibilities of room rental: recepcio.blissandbody@gmail.com, and please, write to us briefly the type of the event and the number of participants.


Knowing your body composition is an integral part of regular exercising. During measurement you will receive information about your body fat percentage, muscle mass, water amount of your body and how much calories your body needs during a day. These rates may differ depending on sex and age, so our experts will help you to understand and analyse figures. The measurement is combined with consultation, so you can get answers to questions like what kind of training plan and diet you will need to reach the optimal level, or reach your goal. The length of the body composition analysis is approximately 30 minutes.


The fitness studio is in a central place in the town centre, it can be reached easily by public transport. If you still come by car, save parking time and leave your car in the underground garage next to our fitness studio.


Would you like to cycle through the Chain Bridge or up to the Citadel? Would you like to see the Castle of Buda or the Parliament? Get on a bike and cycle round the sights of Budapest. Before renting plan in advance your tour plan and determine its length according to this 3 hours 2.000 HUF, 5 hours 3.000 HUF or 12 hours 4.000 HUF.
With a fitness ticket you can have 30% discount for bike rental.

* When renting we require 10.000 HUF deposit (except for the guests of Bliss Hotel).
* As in case of delay you may spoil the others’ program, we charge 1000 HUF default interest on every extra started hour.


Weekdays: 06:30-22:00

Weekends and holidays: 08:00-20:00




1066 Budapest, Ó street 43-49.




+36 1 269 0668








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