Swimming coach

Cseh- Németh Luca


Swimming coach, personal trainer

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Swimming coach
Personal Trainer
Spinracing Instructor
Aqua Fitness Trainer
Gymstick Trainer
Get Fit Gravity / TRX Trainer
Bachelor degree of Economics

Sports history:

Selected by the National Hungarian Swim Team multiple times
Selected by the Hungarian Olympic Swim Team, Peking, 2008
European Junior Swimming Championships 1.

Sports has always been a major part of my life. For more than a decade  during the multiple National team, I have reached lots of good results as a swimmer, including first place at European Youth Championships. I got into the Olympic framework, but a serious sports injury ended my career as a swimmer. However, my love for sports remained and since 2008 I have been teaching children and adults to swim on different levels. I have learnt from the competitive sports that regularity, will power and devotion have key importance to achive your goal, beside the appropriate professional skills and support.

In today’s hectic world, I find it important to pay attention to ourselves, developing a physical, mental and spiritual balance, which contributes to the achievement of the movement, the sport and the fact that it is carried out in what medium, and with whom.

Personal Training:

After a personal conversation I do a condition assessment with everyone. From the details and targets I assemble a personalized work out program.

Come and do it together ! You’ll have to take the first step , but I’m here with you for the next!

Swimming lessons:

The goal for the children as well as for the adults is the endear of swimming, obtaining water safety, get the proper technique and the joy of sports .

Group classes:

I’m waiting for love all the children for group swimming lessons , which take place at different levels.

Private Swimming:

From the age of 4 years there is no upper age limit, it is never too late to start. Both children and adults can participate. Turn to me with confidence, if you would like to: learn to swim, refine your technique, attend on a swimming course, improve your condition, lose weight, or if you just want to enjoy the benefits of swimming or simply the love of swimming motivates you.

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