Vivien Trasko








College of Physical Education – PE teacher
Swimming coach
Aerobics instructor
Capoeira master trainer

Personal training
Functional circuit training
Lifestyle consultant

About me

Sport is an integral part of my life since childhood. In the first round to the inspiration of my parents I get to know balett, but soon we realized that it is far from me. I’ve tried a lot of sports, including kickboxing whitch basics I’ve learned quite young. I was already in love with elementary school athletics. Jump, run, throw, anything could come, but in the end I’ve chosen the high jump. So the choice of career was quite clear. For the second semester of the second year of the University I had  sport injurie (partial Achilles tendon tear) thats why my competitive sports dream ended.
At this time the feeling strengthened in me that that is the place where I have to be and my main goal is extensive development of the knowledge I set out. Already last year of university, and ever since has been working as a coach.


Personal Training
Being a goal-oriented person , I realized that the most effective way of achieving success if I work with everyone individually. Faith, trust , perseverance, goal , plan, the five most important words , which are the basis of everything. I just need a decision from you , the rest depends on the two of us . I will get you out from your comfort-zone and bring the most of you. I’ll be your best friend , but sometimes you will see me as  the most abominable adversary.

Group classes
During my classes I try besides getting success, my guests get to know their limits and according to their fittness level could be able to get the most out of them from every work out. The good mood , funky music based on the collective motion . Over time, it will be a formation of a small community of friends and you’ll find out that not only for the shape of your body , but for the caring of your soul you go away from home.

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