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Personal Trainer

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+36 30 4377593 | +36 30 4377593


  • Personal trainer
  • BodyArt Instructor
  • EMS Trainer
  • Pilates Instructor
  • TRX Trainer
  • Strike Zone Class instructor
  • Body-Balls Trainer
  • Gymstick Muscle Trainer
  • Lifestye consultant, Wellness Trainer
  • Aerobic trainer, Step trainer
  • Zsigmond Király College – Andragógia Ba, Msc


I have danced many years, but next to it I started to learn aerobics during the secondary school. I loved it and this firstly became my hobby than I chose to my avocation. I am permanently try to gain my knowledge about the fitness, so I often go vocational training.

About me:

I have danced for many years, and beside it, I started to learn aerobics during the secondary school. I loved it and then it became my profession.I have b en a trainer for more than 7 years ago. I do take care that the exercises should be done correctly and accuratly during my lessons. I like to use different trainig methods as well. Good atmosphere is very important for me and my gratest pleasure is when my clients can reach their goals.

I permanently improve my knowledge and profession skills in fitness, so I often do vocational trainings and specific educations as well.

Nágele Tamás


Personal trainer

[email protected]

+36 30 329 8508

Training Style:

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss Training
  • Aqua Aerobics
  • Swimming

Training Music:

  • Dance, House
  • Techno
  • 80`s 90`s


  • NTC Personal Trainer Level 4
  • NTC Gym Instructor Level 4
  • Elite Spin Instructor Level 3
  • Elite TRX Instructor
  • Speedo Aqua Aerobics
  • IWS Assistant Swimming Teacher
  • IWS Full Swimming Teacher
  • RLSS Pool Lifeguard
  • Foam Roller Instructor

All my life it was  Important for the sport.. My goal is to help People live healthier. If you want to change yourself-your life and Your physique-whether you’re just a little overweight or would like to gain more muscle, are recovering from an injury or you simple want to get and feel  fit. Please contact me. Because together we can do it!

Favourite Quote:

“The Worst Thing I Can Be Is The Same As Everybody Else. I Hate That.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger




Mihály Krisztián


Personal trainer

[email protected]

+36 20 4203199 | +36 20 4203199


  • University of Physical Education – Recreation  and health promotion specialist
  • Personal Trainer


  • Functional circuit training
  • Personal Training

I love taking care of people and helping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am trying to compose diverse workouts, so besides the weight trainings I also pay attention to include functional trainings components. My goal is to promote healthy lifestyle and help my guests to reach their goals.

Sports Past:

Sport is an important part of my life since my childhood . I’ve tried a lot of sports: swimming, karate, soccer, triathlon, but finally I chose athletics as my main field. Within athletics I did decathlon and i’ve taken part in competitions in this sport for 12 years.

My sports results:

  • Resupply / U23 / 10 Hungarian champion test
  • Multiple national rank
  • Age-group team
Ujjady Harald


Personal trainer

+36 70 510 4287 | +36 70 510 4287

[email protected]


  • University of Physical Education – P. E. and Adapted Physical Education Teacher
  • Aerobic trainer

About me:

All my life I loved sports. As a child I played basketball and football. At the University of Physical Education I became an aerobic & fitness trainer. I also learned rehabilitation and physiotherapy. For many years I have trained myself in the gym, not just to be in a better shape, but to be healthier in general. I am trying to improve myself everyday, learning new exercises and strategies in fitness. My belief is that you have to build yourself up step by step, following a program, and enjoy every minute of your hard work. I am happy to help you with the specific purpose of getting stronger, more muscular, gaining or losing weight, achieving that by weight trainings, functional tranings, proper diet and finding the rhythm of your everyday life.

I still train myself everyday, to be better, and to give more.

My principle:

To be healthy is so much more, than just being physically fit. You must be in shape mentally, emotionally and of course physically. YOU are the only one, who can create your own balance in your life, but a good personal trainer can support you through all the way – if you work hard.

Based on your current condition and your future goals, I put together a personalized program, which if you follow, you will not only be in a better shape but you become a stronger, healthier, more balanced person.


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